Worldwide Earth Observation Industry Leaders Gather In Conference, Issue Join Statement: “Let’s face it, images are shit”

TUSCALOOSA — The leaders of the top 10 (in revenue) Earth Observation (EO) companies have gathered in Paris for the 2nd World EO Summit, where they discussed the situation of the business in light of the current geopolitical affairs and the decline of stock markets, and issued a joint statement which has created ripple waves across the industry. The most salient part of the statement—which included overly descriptive language—indicates that “as an industry, we must cut the crap. Images look awful, you can’t really see shit, can you?”. In some other part of the text, the leaders state that “we must stop believing that we can tell what’s in the picture by means of some loose red, blue and green random dots, like, come on, what the hell is that?” with a photo taken by Sentinel of what appears to be a military aircraft.