Accidental Cruise Missile Launch Attributed To Malfunctioning Arduino On Board

NEW DELHI — The incident involving the accidental launch of the cruise missile that hit the building where the International Conference of Scientology was taking place in Bucharest, Romania, has been attributed to a defective Arduino board installed inside the weapon, sources related to the matter told the Inquirer. “It’s a very cheap board hobbyists, science clubs and students use for projects in high school” stated Jeffrey Albarn, senior security analyst at CFR Sec. Mr. Albarn added that it is “absolutely terrifying that a thing you can buy in Radio Shack for like 20 euros ended up controlling a precision, nuclear-capable weapon”. RAW AeroSystems, the weapon manufacturer, released a brief official statement saying that “an investigation is ongoing” and that “the company’s ruthless approach to cost-effectiveness does not imply we rely on subpar components”.