Office Drama Vanishes After Custom Inspirational Video From Arnold Schwarzenegger

STOCKHOLM — After months of vicious gossip, fist fights, cliquey attitudes and brutal politics building up at Fartify Software—a nordics-based computer software company offering ad gamification for smartphones—a pact of peace and concord has been reached thanks to the quick action of the HR department hiring 74-years old Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger to deliver a corporate, custom inspirational video. 
“I don’t really know what it was, maybe the epic music, maybe his gray beard, maybe the fact he talks about his poor childhood in Austria over and over, but the video moved me and I am now wanting to collaborate again with my colleagues” stated Sven Eriksson, software engineer (not related to the football coach Sven Goran Eriksson). “I hated everyone here with all my guts until I heard Mr. Schwarzenegger’s soft voice telling us about the struggles he faced during his steroidal younger years and now I feel I can make a change here, for the better” stated Antonia Gessle, Head of Marketing.