StarFlame Space Raises 20 Million In Series A Funding For Its LEO Crematorium

OSAKA — StarFlame, a Wales-based startup working on a space-based crematorium, has raised 20 million in a series A funding round led by Nicholson Capital from London. “We are really thrilled about closing our oversubscribed round, and our dreams of cremating your loved ones in orbit is getting closer and closer” stated Jerome Yeoman, CEO at StarFlame. The company is working on a space-based crematorium called Shooting Star-1 which uses a proprietary technology based in a combination of outgassing and pressure vessels. Mr. Yeoman added “we can’t reveal more for now, since it’s our secret sauce and subject to patent, but to explain it in layperson language, basically our service will allow boiling your grandma or your pet in the atmosphere while you will be able to track with our application where exactly your loved one is being jettisoned and dissolved, so you will be able to look up the sky every time and honor them. For premium customers, we will offer a flare to mark the moment”.
Space based funeral services are experiencing a strong comeback after the famous mishap in 1997 when a spacecraft carrying the corpse of Gianni Versace hit the ISS at orbital speed and damaged one of the solar panels.