Research: Crypto Most Efficient Flimflam Invented Up To Date For Coupling Swindlers, Idiots And Money Together

LEIDEN — For centuries, humans have been struggling to find the most optimal way of cashing in on stupid people. The search seems to be over, at least according to researchers from the University of Chicago, who mathematically proved that cryptocurrencies and non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) are the most thermodynamically-stable ruses to marry idiotic, aspirational tech neophytes afraid of missing-out, and tricksters together. “Crypto is the holy grail. It’s so simple and computationally-efficient. It checks out all the boxes: obscurity, intricate terminology, and all enabled by the mother of all stratagems: software“ stated Dr. Anthony Gregory, lead researcher. The research paper conclusion highlights that “nothing indicates the supply of idiots is declining anytime soon, and crypto swindlers are getting only better. The combination of these two paints a very bright future for those looking for making a living out of flimflam”.