4 NewSpace CEOs Form Jazz Supergroup

BERLIN — In an attempt to boost visibility and improve SEO, the marketing departments of 4 prominent New Space startups have joined efforts and created a music band called “The Space Jazz Babes” staffed exclusively with their Chief Executive Officers. “We’ve always loved music, and this is a great way of increasing shareholder value“ stated Troy Carrell, CEO at Fruity Space Systems, who took the guitar role. “Our music is very NewSpace in its conception: we improvise everything, there is no real planning and none of us actually knows how to play any instrument, but our music is very innovative and unique” said Guillermo Sabadell, CEO of Manzana Space, a Spanish startup planning to launch a constellation of satellites for storing NFTs, who took the bass. “Once we signed the NDAs, we were already jamming, it felt so natural” expressed Yohei Kishimoto, CEO at Cyan Space Endeavors, drummer. The band is completed with Jerome Yeoman, CEO of StarFlame Systems, a seed-stage startup planning to launch a space crematorium using a proprietary method of cadaveric outgassing in the outer atmosphere.
The CEOs commented they have requested their executive assistants (EA) to form a spice-girls-inspired pop group reportedly called “The Calendarettes”.