New Space Company Name Sends Strong ‘Napoleon Complex’ Signals Across Industry

TOULOUSE — Industry actors have expressed perplexedness at the misleading, aggrandizing naming given by ex-Lockheed Martin Chief Engineer Francisco Murray to his newly founded consulting firm called Global Space Alliance Group, a 1-person endeavor where he is the receptionist, CEO, CTO, CSO, COO, CFO, Head of HR and seven different kinds of Vice Presidents. “He even has an ‘about us’ page only with his face” commented Andrew T., a software sales agent who received a request for quotation from Murray’s company, and who has been struggling to gauge the size and business of the company, information his sales funneling process requires. “He says he offers ‘strategic innovation project management’, whatever that is, and he’s using the first person plural for everything when it’s clearly only his sorry-ass working there”, the salesperson added.