Space Inquirer Celebrates One Hundred Articles With A Limited-Edition, NFT Collectible Article

MANCHESTER — The Space Inquirer—your newspaper of choice to stay informed about what is happening in the space and tech world—has reached the significant milestone of one hundred articles published as of date. “We couldn’t be more proud”, said Vanessa Rogers, deputy chief editor at the Inquirer, “we are a newspaper driven by a young, multicultural, dynamic team of subpar, freelance journalists rejected from everywhere else, crack addicts and a few sweatshops in Asia, and what we have accomplished thus far is amazing” she added. The milestone is celebrated by issuing this limited-edition, non-fungible collective article which can be purchased at the usual NFT platforms along with valuable pixelated cats and monkeys.
The Space Inquirer was founded in 2021 by L’Angelo Misterioso—also known as Dr. X—and produces best-in-class journalism for smart, bi-curious, sophisticated readers.