Congress To Pass Law to Prohibit Software Engineers to be Called Engineers

WASHINGTON DC — The US Congress is reportedly working on a law to prohibit software engineers to be called engineers. Motivation behind the new law, congressional sponsors say, is to put a stop on the title “engineer” being consistently cheapened by the software industry, a problem that traces 50 years back to the “software crisis” in late 60s, when the phrase “software engineering” was deliberately chosen as being provocative, in implying the need for software manufacture to be based on the types of theoretical foundations and practical disciplines that are traditional in the established branches of engineering. Something that has, experts say, “failed miserably” due to the fact software is still done on top of incredibly lax rules, wheel reinvention, faddish methodologies, framework proliferation, and extremely poor quality, something that is at odds from what engineering has historically been regarded for. At press time, the law bill was showing unusual bipartisan consensus, making it very likely to be approved soon.