The ‘The Who’ Effect Widespread Across Tech Industry, Study Finds

STOCKHOLM — A team of researchers from the University of Gotebörg have found that what specialized literature calls the ‘The Who’ effect is more pervasive across tech industry than initially thought. The effect refers to the situation when a manager hires a new talent who upstages said manager so badly that the latter loses his or her job to the hands of the newly born star. The name of the effect is taken from the British band The Who after being invited to the ‘Rock and Roll Circus’ concert show organized by the Rolling Stones in 1968, where a rollicking performance of “A Quick One” by Pete Townshend’s band was so astonishing that Mick Jagger eventually vetoed the film’s release, believing his band’s performance had been eclipsed by the incendiary turn by the Who. “Some managers keep on hiring their own executioners, which might be related to either pure altruism or stupidity—more research is needed to elucidate that” study says.