See The Winner Of The 2021 ‘Most Boring Term Said In The Workplace’ Award

HAMBURG — Every year, the International Council of Business Terminology (ICBT) gathers to select different terms and phrases which have shown relevance during the year, for the good or the worse. Past February, the council celebrated the annual congress in Berlin, where the prestigious “Most Boring Term Said In The Workplace” award for 2021 was given. Without further preamble, the first prize goes to:

“Work Package” wins 2021 1st prize to “Most Boring Term Said In The Workplace”

Christian Guilford, chairman of the ICBT, said during the ceremony that “the term ‘work package’ signals unambiguously that the bureaucrats have won and that everything is just going to be downhill from there. When work packages get numerical codes is when you should find the first fire exit and leave the building forever”.

Runner up:

About the 2nd place to “critical path”, Dr. Guilford also had a few words while addressing the audience: “the critical path is an absolute mental fart, it’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Everyone talks about it although very few understand the true meaning of it and I am deeply sorry if someone tried to explain it to you doing the cringey sticky note exercise”.