Verification and Validation Same Thing At Gunpoint, Report Says

TOKYO — Literature states that verification is about “making the system right”, whereas validation is meant to be about “making the right system”. A recent study from the University of Beijing found that, in a life-threatening situation involving the use of guns, the system done right and the right system become inextricably the same thing. The study implemented a controlled longitudinal method using real customers who did not know they were research subjects in order to avoid unwanted biases. “Please, I’m a father, have mercy. Yes, yes, this is exactly what I wanted” stated a distressed, sweaty customer called Toby N., who purchased an inventory management software system from a company who collaborated with the research. Moreover, during the software demo while being pointed with a Bersa 9mm compact pistol and a katana, the customer reportedly accepted requirements he did not ask for, such as notifications sent by SMS which are not possible to be turned off, saving data in XML files, and a very verbose system of reporting using Javascript message boxes by means of extensive use of the alert() function.