World Leaders Carelessly Agitating System They Have No Clue How It Works, Experts Warn

BERLIN — “Whoa” is the general feeling around a team of senior experts from the Center of Complex Adaptive Systems Research of the University of Arizona who study the delicate global, fragile rat’s nest of interconnected things with unholy amounts of feedback loops we call “world”. “A horrible interconnection of financial markets, supply chains, commodities, thermonuclear weapons, energy markets, jobs, money, politics, elites and egos where the slightest fart can unleash a pandemonium”, as John Astley—who leads the team of 7 researchers analyzing global dynamics—describes it. He and his team warn about “these lunatics shaking it like it was a fucking cocktail ignoring the insurmountable unintended consequences, which of course unprivileged people will pay one way or another”.