Research Finds Dread Experienced Before Video Call With Boss Modern Equivalent Of Cringe Felt During The 90s Before Calling Friend On A Landline And Having To Make Small Talk With His Grandma

VERSAILLES — A recent study performed by the Marie Curie Center of High Energy Neutrons and Social Psychology Research of the University of Leicester found close similarities between the dread felt during the 90s when calling a friend or a classmate on a fixed telephone line and his hearing-impaired, rude grandmother would pick up due to the fact phone was all the excitement her days could hope for, with the cringe felt these days when joining a video call with a supervisor. “We observe astounding similarities, and the same level of negative excitement on those calling in. Moreover, the pain of having to awkwardly ask a senior, mentally-declined person to put your friend on the damn phone several times shows practically the same brain activity as when employees try to explain to their manager the difference between validation and verification” stated Dr. Abdul Ansari, Principal Researcher at the MCCHENSPC.