Space Startups Condemn War By Issuing Undercover Ads Dressed Up As Statements

MADRID — Space startups have been using their social media channels for communicating their stance on the war in Ukraine without losing the opportunity of using a bit of the attention to market their products and services or send a message to their current customers or the government, sources related to the matter told the Inquirer. “The likes, the impressions and the retweets for these kind of things are insane, you would be out of your mind if you don’t take that opportunity” said Jonas K., Head of Marketing at one leading Earth Observation company offering near real time data. Gabriel Luna, Managing Partner at Parrot, a consultancy firm for corporate communications who works with several actors in the new space market, offers a recipe: “Put a black background and go a bit solemn, but don’t forget to use the same buzzwords you use in your usual press releases and do mention how different things are gonna be when your service will be up in 2025”.