Board Member Creates Shock During Motivational Speech By Thinking He Was Talking To a Different Startup

RENNES — A board member of Erlix Space—a Paris-based startup planning to launch a constellation of picosatellites for cryptocurrency services—made an uncomfortable mistake by erroneously thinking he was visiting and addressing another company he sits on—reportedly, a company developing rocket propulsion for wheelchairs called Handithrust—leaving the team at Erlix confused and bewildered as the company was expecting an inspirational speech considering the financial difficulties it is facing, including imminent layoffs, a source related to the matter told the Inquirer. “Not the right time for this, he didn’t even know what we do here” stated a distressed software engineer who spoke under the condition of anonymity. “He sits in like 12 different companies, he’s a corporate polygamous, what did we expect?” acknowledged another engineer who’s been at Erlix for 4 years.

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