Wars Unmatched Marketing Tool for Space And Defense Products And Services, Experts Say

WASHINGTON — Content marketing, SWOT, gap, PEST analysis, inbound marketing: all useless, vain methods compared to full-blown military conflict with real bullets, destroyed property and tides of desperate fleeing refugees, experts say. “A mutilated corpse is the most effective instrument for marketing an anti-ballistic missile defense system,” stated George McNamara, VP of Business Development at Dynex Systems, a Virginia-based leader in defense technology. “No slide deck, no brochure can illustrate the face value of satellites and situational-awareness services more than seeing people burning alive, running for their lives in TikTok. It’s a great moment for the space industry to seize this opportunity”, added Gen. Thomas Atkins, ex-Chief Commander of the Space Situational Awareness Command (SSAC), now sitting at the board of Dynex. At press time, stock prices of space and defense public companies were showing a clear sign of optimism.