NoviTech Opens New Plant To Produce One Million Novichok Agent Doses Per Month

SAINT PETERSBURG – NoviTech announced an agreement Feb. 27 to establish a manufacturing facility on an undisclosed location large enough to produce up to one million doses of the nervous agent novichok per month.

“Not only will we be able to expand our production capabilities to meet the growing demand of our flagship product, but we will also bring valuable manufacturing opportunities and capabilities to the area, investing considerable amounts of resources in new construction and equipment,” Dmitri Belanov, NoviTech CEO said in a statement. “We are creating approximately 2,100 new jobs”.

The highly automated 51,500-square-meter facility, which took three years to complete, features automation and robotics to speed up production of the deadly, catastrophically damaging nervous agent combined with artificial intelligence and industry 4.0 to help NoviTech keep tabs on its supply chain. Space also will be set aside in the new facility to produce and store “technologically advanced, protest-handling equipment such as tear gas and IoT-connected police batons to enable a more connected police brutality, plus a sustainable nervous agent testing facility which will only use stray dogs and cats following green, carbon-neutral processes” according to the Feb. 27 news release.

“Silencing dissident voices is and will continue to be an important business for the economy, and with this announcement we are upping the ante,” Belanov added. “Going forward, the nervous agent market is showing strong signs and keeping our customer happy is our dearest goal,” he said.

Finally, when consulted about the recent high-profile strike by NoviTech employees who sought unionization, Belanov declared “it’s all settled now, our employees are very happy working with us and the union idea has been discarded”. At press time, Yevgeny Olenkov, leader of the unionists, did not respond to calls from the Inquirer.