New Space Technologies Not Actually Ready When Desperately Needed, Report Says

As relevant, critical events unfolding around the world ask for genuinely real-time insights and multi-domain analyses, practically no New Space Earth Observation endeavor—tirelessly marketed as the go-to options in such situations—is anywhere ready for doing so, a report says. As most of such operators initially promised 2020 as the year they would reach full operational readiness (and with 2025 currently being the new 2020) they all remain in a partial, uncertain state of fitness, where mild, paltry value is conveyed as real life events keep on progressing at a pace which clearly outruns their current capabilities. At press time, New Space Earth Observation companies were feverishly discussing internally on how to milk the current state of affairs to ask more money from the DoD to reach the 2025 goals, with an eye on 2030.