Certain Flags More Challenging To Be Represented With Lights On Landmarks In Solidarity, Experts Say

PARIS — Upon relevant global events requiring the solidary, geopolitically-decisive illuminative support on national monuments and landmarks such as the Eiffel tower, obelisks and governmental buildings worldwide, certain flags are easier to be visually represented than others, experts say. “The Ukrainian flag is very simple, two colors stacked on top of each other, easy-peasy” said Jean-Jacques Lemaitre, Chief Manager of Country Solidarity at the Eiffel tower. When consulted about flags of Iraq, Syria, Libya or Palestine, he added: “those are difficult, they have stars, symbols and lots of black, definitely challenging”. When the Inquirer asked about the Haitian flag (which is quite simple with just red and blue stacked) Mr Lemaitre replied he did not know such a country existed.