Human Resources Department Transpires As Wax Dummies

LEIDEN — After mounting volatility among employees due to unresponsiveness from the Human Resources department of Rome-based space startup Aurelius Space Systems—who is developing a constellation of femtosatellites for the Internet-of-Things—with matters such as employee well-being, career development and training programs progressing suboptimally, it finally transpired that the whole HR department was composed of wax dummies. “They looked quite real, and every time I would come to them for something important, they would always have this emotionless facial expression, which didn’t really catch my attention because that’s basically HR everywhere. But honestly, this went a bit too far” expressed Patrizio N., a software engineer who made the uncomfortable discovery that the whole HR team, including the VP, was just waxwork. At press time, employees were demanding answers from the CEO, who didn’t respond to calls from the Space Inquirer but sent a statement over email saying: “it is the most productive HR department I’ve ever put together”.

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