Executive Engages In Exploratory Double Entendre Phase With New Secretary

LEIPZIG — A Chief Financial Officer has reportedly started an expeditionary campaign of incremental sexual innuendo with his newly appointed secretary, in an effort to understand if there could potentially be solid grounds for further engagement, in contrast to the previous secretary who manifested consistent unresponsiveness and resigned due to unknown reasons. “We need to go deeper with this report” signaled the manager, closely observing the new employee’s reaction in search of any sign of a concealed smile on her face which could indicate a validation for a closer approach. Admittedly, “terrible weather today, did you get wet?” and “my favorite animal is definitely the beaver” are testing patterns the CFO is planning to send out next during face-to-face lunch.
At press time, the C-level, 53-years-old manager was prompting Human Resources department to expedite the next company party in order to unlock the subsequent phase, which combines the current strategy with dancing, imbibing spirituous beverages and commenting about the secretary’s dressing choices.