Deeptech VC Fund Hires Pre-Transistor Era Legend For Tech Due Diligences

AUCKLAND — Southside Capital, a fund targeting deep tech, highly disruptive early-stage startups, announced yesterday it has secured Harold Johnson—a 97-years old superstar who held positions as Advanced Vacuum-Tube Electronics Division at Motorola from 1952 to 1958 and then as Vice President of Technology at Raytheon during the 60s where he led the development of Core Rope Memories (also known as Little Old Lady, or LOL memory)—as Senior Consultant. “We are thrilled to have Mr. Johnson as part of the team. His vast experience in cutting-edge technology will help us evaluate the tech side of startups pitching to us with a sharp eye, despite his cataracts” stated Thobias Olafsson, General Partner at Southside. In an actual physical, handwritten letter he sent to the Inquirer, Mr. Johnson added:  “I am more than happy to help Southside Capital in this endeavor, where I will help them assess how these youngsters handle the high cathode voltages and prevent arcing to the control grids, which is never an easy task, and also evaluate the knitting technique of their ROM memories, among other things”.
Southside stated Mr. Johnson will work remotely from his nursing home in Santa Monica, California until Southside’s headquarters in downtown LA will adjust to the city’s mobility code.