Line Between Space Entrepreneurship and Charlatanism Wafer-Thin, Report Says

PASADENA — A task force composed of senior teams from both NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) released a joint report which assessed the latest trends in commercial space. Said report has created controversy across the industry due to its straight language and colorful analogies. For starters, its abstract is as concise as it is eye-catching: “The late James Randi must be twisting in his grave”. The report elaborates further pointing out at the plethora of entrepreneurs—which the text refers to as “the Uri Gellers of space” who are “borderline claiming they can twist spoons with the power of their minds, blurring the line with charlatanism like it’s never been seen before”. The report points out “there is currently almost no reasonably distinguishable difference between a swindler trying to selling you snake oil or promising to make rain and many space startups founders”. Report finalizes with some provocative remarks, calling founders “a generation of young, pretentious pricks who are infinitely less fun than the old quacks”.