French Startup Secures Mummified Corpse of Charles de Gaulle As Senior Advisor

PARIS — “Le général de Gaulle est mort; la France est veuve.” (“General de Gaulle is dead. France is a widow.”) stated Georges Pompidou in—now distant—November, 1970. Well, think again. OTL Space, a Toulouse-based French startup offering orbital transfer vehicles using a new, proprietary green propulsion technology called Ionic Reabsorption, announced on Monday it secured the mummified, petrified corpse of Charles de Gaulle as Senior Advisor. “We are thrilled to have President de Gaulle on board. Securing such an illustrious name undoubtedly showcases the potential of the OTV market“ stated Jean-Yevgeny Astarov, CEO and CTO of OTL.
Sources related to the matter commented this move could be a strong indication of OTL gearing up for a SPAC in the next six months.