Scrum Masters Ranking High Should Layoffs Occur

MANCHESTER — Analogous to weed growing profusely in the garden of someone who stopped caring, Scrum Masters proliferate in times of abundance and subsequent organizational relax. What does a Scrum Master do, anyway? A Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring the team follows agile values and principles and adopts the processes and practices, all while ‘promoting a sense of community’ with a ‘holistic approach to work‘.
Reports show that, as soon as finances deteriorate, Scrum Masters rank the highest in the list of those to be sacked, just like the fat layer bears burn to survive long periods of hibernation when resources are scarce. “Milk it while you can” advises Matt Cornwall, a currently jobless Scrum Master who managed to stay almost a year in a startup right after they closed a Series B round, “for as soon as the quid is gone, they’ll come after you”, he added. Cornwall recommends fellow Scrum Masters to learn a hands-on skill to pivot should things—according to his own words—’go south’, increasing the probability of staying longer on the payroll, such as coding or cleaning.