Engineer Demands Answers After 5 Years Pass From ‘Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?’ Question

SAN DIEGO — In what a manager initially thought was a rhetorical question aimed to understand better employees’ motivations and perspectives, a discontented engineer suddenly asked for a meeting on February 15th 2022, exactly after five years passed from the moment the ‘what do you see yourself in 5 years?’ question was posed on a slushy February 15th, 2017. “Literally five years ago, I said I saw myself leading a team and taking relevant decisions, and nothing of that has happened. As of today, I am still coding in Java in a tiny cubicle” said the engineer. Nimbly, the manager replied that a bilateral agreement of what a ‘year’ meant was not duly specified when the question was asked, and that important effects such as the Earth slowly drifting away from the Sun, driven by the relentless effect of nuclear fusion on the Sun, should be also considered noting that, as time goes on, the Sun burns more and more of its fuel, losing mass in the process and loosening its gravitational grip on our planet, affecting how a year is counted. A posterior date for a meeting to discuss the agreement framework was duly set.