Learning How To Turn High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Into Insights Still Requires Filling Form

TOULOUSE — High-resolution, near real-time Earth Observation (EO) companies are scaling up their constellations at a fast pace and getting ready to help customers learn how to leverage massive amount of actionable insights, in a process which unavoidably requires filling up a ‘contact us’ form first. “Yes, we could specify with example imagery and real-life use cases on our website, but we prefer to make people fill up forms which we believe is a very humanizing, engaging and fun process” stated Randy Edberg, VP of Marketing at Tidal Space, a recently SPAC-ed company which operates the biggest multispectral constellation as of today. “It feels like that friend who still likes to make actual phone calls right after you text him” sighed a frustrated potential user who was looking forward to evaluate using satellite imagery for the construction industry but desisted after computer crashed halfway the form-filling session.
There are, though, signs of the EO sector acknowledging the need for more flexibility on this regard by slowly gearing up toward a ‘hybrid’ approach which includes offering example imagery but adding a small padlock icon into them which requires signing up.