Another 30 Minutes Wasted by Founders Pitching to VC Who Doesn’t Know How Satellites Work

BARCELONA — In what appears to be a frequent scenario in New Space industry, startup founders wasted another 30 minutes of their lives pitching their idea to uninformed, borderline illiterate venture capitalist.
After carefully listening to founder’s elucidation of the technology, the roadmap, the traction, and the financials, and all while misleadingly nodding in what appeared to be reasonable comprehension, the potential investor asked right at the end: “I have one question only, I mean, how do satellites work? Why don’t they just fall from space?”— a question which left presenters bewildered, internally facepalming in exasperation.
After taking extra time to carefully comment on Newton’s Laws of Motion—including the example of the stone thrown from the top of a mountain typically used in Primary School—the venture capitalist did not look any less perplexed, leaving everyone pondering why the meeting was set in the first place.