Trends: Space Startups Selling Tupperware To Raise Money

BRUSSELS — With the venture capital market in a wait-and-see state and stock markets plummeting around the world, access to capital is tough at the moment. With little time to lose, space startups— known for their agile approaches and epic turnarounds—are all-out finding alternative ways for capturing fresh funds to continue developing complex technology and hit the market, despite the stormy worldwide financial weather. Loans, soft funding, and institutional money are currently bureaucratic and slow mechanisms of obtaining capital. Alternatively, a practice that is imposing—witnessing a comeback from its glorious days back in the 80s—is selling plastic containers produced by Tupperware.

Three plastic containers in a stack

Justin Sanchez, CEO of Arena Aerospace, a startup developing hypersonic planes for ultra-rapid cargo transportation using green propellants and 3D-printed engines and structures, has recently obtained his certification as a Tupperware consultant and as such he is already holding Tupperware parties where customers gather to buy the famous containers for conveniently storing leftovers and other things. “It is also a great way of networking” Sanchez said by phone from Orlando (FL) where he is attending a training course at the headquarters of Tupperware. “With the money we made in the last party and the money we had to pay for this course, we are still cash flow positive” Sanchez stated. Arena Aerospace is planning the first flight of its flagship vehicle Orion-1 mid 2024.