Long-Haul Flights: CEO Flying Business, Engineer Flying Economy, ‘Standard’ Practice Across Space Industry, Report Says

ONTARIO — A recent report titled “Equality Analysis in the Space Industry, a Quantitative Approach” by the Observatory of Labor Policies of the Canadian Government shows that most space companies (a staggering 99.2%) seat their executives in Business class, as opposed to strict Economy seats for engineers.
The report came following a high-profile case of an engineer who filed a formal complaint to the Ministry of Labor after she was suspended for being late by 15 minutes to a meeting in the morning posterior to a 27-hours (including layover) transpacific flight. The anonymous whistleblower described her ordeal: “CEO would go to VIP lounges and leave me out sitting on the floor at the airport, with his luggage, and then he would come back commenting about how many different types of olives they served”. The disgruntled engineer added: “during the flight, he came in his airline-branded pajamas and asked me to prepare 120 slides he hadn’t told me were needed”. When approached by authorities, the accused CEO defended himself: “She’s a bit high-maintenance”. Reportedly, the Canadian government is currently working on a package of measures for space companies to increase overall transportation equality.