Latinos Still in High Demand for Hydrazine Loading and Other Hazardous Activities

HOUSTON — A recent study from the United States Homeland Department of Labour Studies (HDLS) reveals steady demand of Latino workforce in activities such as loading deadly chemical toxic fuels for rockets ridden by billionaires for a few minutes in orbit, or microsatellites for monitoring parking lots in white, affluent neighborhoods supermarkets, for example helping detect remotely from space if it is a weekend or not—knowledge that can only be considered “uncertain” from the ground.
“Dying from poisoning due to a leak in hydrazine piping is a nasty one, and the fact Latinos are so willing to go that extra mile is definitely a game-changer in the space market, helping streamlining cost and improving time-to-market. They’re naturals.” stated Suzanne Mortimer, Head of Labour Research at the HDLS office in Texas. “This study should set help close that gap that immigrants are not coming to work to our country.” she added.