Space Conference Sees Dramatic Drop in Attendance Compared to Last Year’s in Vegas

SAN FRANCISCO — The Annual Symposium of Space (ASS), organized by the International Council of Chief Architects is currently taking place in in Bakersfield, California from 5.2.2022 to 11.2.2022. The organizers have expressed some concern to The Inquirer about the lower amount of attendants for this year’s non-Vegas venue compared to last year’s full-Vegas version. “We don’t really understand. Last year it was still the pandemics but the attendance for Las Vegas was an all-time high record” expressed Daniel Craigman, Chairman of the ICCA and ASS CEO. Last year’s ASS included free credits to the Bellagio casino with and an open-bar policy for individuals showing the ASS badge. “This year, we wanted to ensure everyone had a great experience in the ASS so to even top last year we included a free concert of new talents in country music and passes to the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History & Science of Bakersfield” Craigman stated.

Bakersfield’s Buena Vista Museum

The ASS conference will close tomorrow 11.2.2022 with a session titled “Space Architecture, a Rollercoaster of Emotions” held by Dr. Isaiah Johnson, Senior Chief Architect of Magenta Space.