Earth Observation Companies Rush to Capture Image of Stuck Ship We All Can See Anyway

ROME (correspondent) — In an emotional resolution-driven, social media sprint, many Earth Observation companies rushed to post pictures of a giant container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, Egypt, in an attempt to showcase their technology but without realizing the ship could just be seen with regular TV cameras which were already broadcasting it to the entire world with very good resolution. “It’s not actually the same, we can see it from above” stated Mark Albert, CEO of Clear Insight Space Systems, which operates a constellation of 17 microsatellites carrying multispectral cameras. “What if there is something on top of it which could explain why it drifted sideways?” asked Dan Holmberg, CTO of AOP Space, an operator of ultra-high-resolution Cubesats.
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) operators were last to the race given to the fact they had to explain—again—what radar layover is and why the container ship looked actually flat, which spread some alarm across the public who thought the ship had been crushed by some gigantic steamroller machine.