Seventh Letter-of-Intent Now Enough For Venture Capital Firm to Invest in Space Startup

STOCKHOLM — Ardix Space, an Earth Observation startup, has finally closed an agreement with Bald Owl Ventures for an investment to rapidly accelerate the deployment of a constellation of microsatellites carrying Polaroid cameras from the late 70s, targeting mainly hipster instagrammers who are subscribing to a service of capsules with film falling from the sky in tiny, cute parachutes. Kim Johnson, General Partner at Bald Owl, stated: “Letters of Intents mean basically nothing, they are non-binding, vapidly worded, they are largely a ‘meh’, unless you get a pile of those. When that happens, it’s time to invest. There was that paper which stated that the human brain has something with seven plus minus 2, can’t remember exactly what it says but something with seven”. “We are more than thrilled that our life-saving, actionable, data-driven service of analog space photography using organic films can now gear up to become a reality”, said Matt Paltrow, CEO of Ardix Space in a statement.