Beetlejuice Space Celebrates Milestone Being 1 Millionth Space Startup Claiming to be ‘The Uber of Space’

LOS ANGELES — Colorado-based Beetlejuice Space celebrates the achievement of an important milestone—being the one-millionth company stating to be ‘The Uber of Space‘. “After an amount of time deliberating with the team if we should call ourselves the Spotify, the Apple or the Uber of space, we finally decided to go for the Uber thing, and to our surprise we realized we were the exact one-millionth space startup in doing so, which is something I am overly proud of, it was great timing” stated Rick Sausalito, CEO and CTO of BeetleJuice Space, also known by the acronym BS. The company is now gearing up to deliberate as well what the product and business will be: “We just don’t happen to know yet, but we found a powerful analogy with a game-changer in the market as Uber which is very powerful for our narrative, so now it’s time to work and make some slides” Sausalito added.