Dramatic: Two Space Companies Gone Missing in Bureaucratic Non-Disclosure Agreement Infinite Loophole

PARIS – In what appears to be a case of a violent, recursive bureaucratic infinite loophole, Green Goose Space Systems and NYS Stellar Technologies have disappeared from the face of the earth without leaving any tangible traces. Search and Rescue teams are working in the area using the latest technology to locate the 15 and 47-employee companies, respectively. A person who spoke under the condition of anonymity, stated that the quantum singularity may have originated when both companies sent to each other their own non-disclosure agreements and exactly both entities suggested corrections to some clauses and sent them precisely at the same time for review. Emergency services registered two calls at around around 14:15 CET on February 8th which appeared to be originated from both companies’ legal teams, according to sources related to the matter who commented about the inintelligible language and over complicated phrasing used during the call. As ambulances and fire units were dispatched to both buildings, the emergency personnel only found a set of burned papers flying in the wind. It remains unknown what critical, overly secret technology was being protected with the documents, as investigation continues.

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