Space Industry Enters Recession After Outbreak of Agile Practices

RIGA — In the last semester of 2021, an outbreak of Agile practices has deeply impacted across the space industry. After a first-half of the year with promising numbers, the activity of the sector plummeted to concerning levels. “It spread incredibly quick. No one is basically doing anything. Everyone is giving themselves titles, planning sprints, retrospectives, backlogs and fiddling with JIRA tickets, but no code is being done whatsoever” stated a startled Antonio Rivers, Chief Strategy Officer at Nimbus Analytics, a company which analyzes the activity of the sector.
The Space Industry Chamber of Commerce of Europe is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting this week to discuss the steps to follow. Disinfecting the work area and enforcing better hands hygiene are the measures considered.
Relatedly, the sticky note and whiteboard industry reported a surge of 250% in purchase orders compared to the same period the previous year.

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