Compton Space Declares One Trillion Dollars in Sales Bookings

SANTA MONICA — In a press conference called on February 9th, San Francisco-based space startup Compton Space —which offers unparalleled, near real time downstream space-originated data services for a set of key governmental agencies—announced an unprecedented volume of bookings for a whopping sum of 1 trillion dollars. Owen McCormack, Head of Sales at Compton Space, elaborated on such impressive results. “Every person I gave my business card in a conference, all drivers from all taxis I’ve ever taken, my wife’s relatives, my kids’ schoolmates, all have expressed interest and intentions of purchasing our world-class digital data, which is reflected in the amazing figures you have in front of you”, stated as he was showing a set of bar charts showing shocking exponential trends.
In the last year, the company reported revenues for a somewhat less impressive amount of $23,000 dollars. But McCormack stays more than confident: “The key is now to transform these massive bookings into actual sales going-forward, and that’s what’s going to keep me busy for a while”, he enthused.